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AOBA Information: January 2013 English


Practice Disaster Preparedness

If you are prepared in advance you can reduce the risk and damages of disasters.
Please start by preparing today, before disaster strikes.

What to do when an earthquake strikes.

If you are indoors,

  • hide yourself under a sturdy piece of furniture such as a desk.
  • protect yourself from falling objects.
  • don't go outdoors. Don't rush out of a house or a building.
  • secure the exit by opening the door to the room.

If you are outdoors,

  • protect yourself from falling objects by covering your head with something sturdy.
  • don't approach any cracks or potholes which may appear in the ground.

If you are in an elevator,

  • push all floor buttons and get out at the nearest floor.
  • if you are stuck in an elevator, stay calm and wait for rescue.

If you are driving,

  • pull over slowly to the left and stop the engine.
  • if you need to leave a car, bring all valuables and the car inspection certificate with you and leave the car unlocked.

After an earthquake,

Check on your neighbors. See if they need assistance.
Fire engines and ambulances may not be able to come right away.
The first 72 hours after a quake is a critical time. Your assistance is very important. You may be able to save someone's life.

If your house is damaged and you need to go to a shelter,
 be sure to:

  • turn off the breaker and shut off the gas valves in your home.
  • bring your emergency bag, wear a helmet, and go to a nearby shelter.
    *it is not necessary to go to a shelter, if there is no danger of a fire or building collapse.

Places to take shelter

  • Temporary Shelters (Ittoki Hinanbasho)
    - Parks and open spaces in the neighborhood that are designated by Jichikai-neighborhood associations
  • Evacuation Shelters (Chiiki Bosai Kyoten)
    - 40 elementary and junior high schools in Aoba ward have been designated for people whose houses have collapsed or are too dangerous to live in.
    - Food, water, relief supplies and living information are provided.
    - The safety of the family members can be confirmed.
  • Evacuation Area (Koiki Hinanbasho)
    - wide open spaces to temporarily evacuate when a fire spreads widely.
  • Special Evacuation Shelters(Tokubetsu Hinanbasho)
    - Designated community care plazas and social welfare facilities are open if necessary.
    - These places are for the elderly and disabled people who have special needs.

Information to help prepare for disasters (distribution places)

  • Aoba ward disaster prevention map (on the 1st floor-Koho sodan kakari and on the 4th floor Shomu kakari of Aoba ward office)
  • 'Gensai-kodo no Susume' Provides advice for reducing the risks of disasters (on the 4th floor-Shomu kakari)
  • 'Saigai ni Yakudatsu Kenkozukuri' health care tips on how to survive disaster situations (on the 3rd floor-Kenko zukuri kakari)
  • Disaster prevention map, flood hazard map (download on the Yokohama-city Web site. http://wwwm.city.yokohama.lg.jp/)

Information during disasters

  • Yokohama-city disaster prevention information E-mail
    Registration is necessary: Warnings and information regarding river water level, earthquakes, tsunamis, weather warnings, and weather advisories are provided.
  • Radio
    FMsalus(84.1MHz) -The radio station which broadcasts Aoba ward area.
    It broadcasts disaster prevention information at the time of disaster.
  • Disaster Emergency Dial 171
    Disaster Emergency Message Dial is a voice message board that is provided when a disaster such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption occurs, and is required when communication traffic to the disaster-stricken area increases and it is difficult to get through.

You can leave the messages using the telephone numbers (*landline telephones only).
So, let your family members and friends know your phone numbers.
(remind -landline phone numbers only can be used).

How to use this service is explained with animation video on the site

Disaster Massage Board (for cellphones)
If you use a cellphone, access to the Disaster Massage Board.
This message board service for disaster is provide by Cell-phone companies
(NTT DOCOMO, au byKDDI, SOFTBANK, will com).
Register all phone numbers where you want to deliver your messages at a disaster.

Check potentially dangerous spots in a house to reduce risks
- Fix furnitures to the walls
- Prevent lighting equipments from falling
- Apply anti-shatter film to glass cabinet or furniture doors.
- Secure a TV set as well as a piano

Inquiries General Affairs Division, Emergency Management
TEL: 045-978-2211 FAX: 045-978-2410

Announcement and Recruiting

Job Opportunities: Staff needed in 2013
Utopia Aoba Part time staff (Community Staff)

Term April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 (one year) *term renewal possible
requirements Must:
- Live in the neighboring area
- Be in good health
- Have an interest in regional welfare activities for the elderly.
number of positions less than ten
Duties - Reception
- Prepare and check on the rooms to be used.
- Clean and maintain the facility
- Desk work such as taking statistics
Hours * 4 hours per day. Shifts will be alternated every other week.
Morning shift: 8:45am to 12:45pm
Afternoon shift: 12:40pm to 5pm
Pay 850yen / hour
Compensation for transportation: capped at 9450 yen / month
Application Apply via telephone by Jan. 31 (Thu.)
Must attend briefing session at 10 am on Feb. 6 (Wed),2013
Inquiries Utopia Aoba
TEL: 045-974-5400 FAX: 045-974-5405

Job Opportunities: Staff needed
Public Nursery Schools in Aoba ward are recruiting part time staff

Licensed and regular applicants are welcome. There are 3 types of positions.
*Foreign residents with visas that allow you to work are also eligible to apply
Kind of Work Work Days Time Pay
Nursery staff   5days chosen from Mon. to Sat. A.
Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
1hr. break, Early or late shift inclusive
Sat 8:30am-12:30
Licensed nursery nurse
Licensed kindergarten teacher
Unlicensed applicants
5 days a week
(weekdays only) 
3:00 pm-7:00pm
No break time
1hr. break
Welfare staff 5days a week
(weekdays only)
 No break
 Late shift inclusive
*Both mornings and afternoon hours or afternoon hours only
Cooking staff 5days chosen from Mon. to Sat. Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
 1hr. break
 Early & late shift inclusive
Sat 8:30am-12:30pm
Work Place - Utsukushigaoka Nursery School: Utsukushigaoka 2-2-1 - Susukino Nursery School: Susukino 2-8-6
- Eda-Nishi Nursery School: Eda-Nishi 4-5-2
- Nara Nursery School: Narakita 1-843-1
- Eda Nursery School: Eda-Kita 2-11-40
- Eda-Kita Nursery School: Eda-Kita 3-6-14
Application Please call,send a post card,fax,or ask at the window(2Fl.No.36)Required Information Name,birth date,address,telephone number,Qualifications Which position and location you'd like to apply for
Inquiries Children and Families Support Division, Nursery Affairs Section
TEL: 045-978-2428 FAX: 045-978-2422

Information from Community Centers

Setsubun Festival to celebrate the beginning of spring

Let's enjoy Mamemaki, throwing soybeans on the floor of the Gymnasium to drive demons away.
Then we will eat Oshiruko (sweet azuki soup with rice cake).
Date & Time February 2 (Sat.) 2:00-4:00p.m.
Place gymnasium
Capacity 300 persons
Fee Free
what to bring A bag to put outside shoes in
Inquiries Fujigaoka Chiku Center
TEL: 045-972-7021 FAX: 045-972-7031

Cooking with fathers "Let's bake cookies for Valentine's Day"

We will bake cookies with help of Haina Café – one of members of the Fujigaoka shop-owners association.
Date & Time February 3 (Sun) 9:30a.m.-12:30p.m.
Place Cooking room
Capacity 12 pairs of father and child (elementary or junior-high)
first-come-first-served basis
Web applications are limited to six pairs.
Fee 1,000 yen
Application Telephone / web site
Inquiries Fujigaoka Chiku Center
TEL: 045-972-7021 FAX: 045-972-7031

Monthly Event-Morning Coffee

Let's talk with friends from abroad over a cup of coffee.
Date February 3 (Sunday) from 10:30am to noon
Place Aoba International Lounge
1minute walk from Tana Station on Den-en-toshi Line
Fee Free
Application Not necessary
Inquiries Aoba International Lounge
TEL: 045-989-5266 FAX: 045-982-0701

Afternoon Tea

Speaker Mr.Brian Hooper
Date February 23 (Sat.) from 2pm to 4pm
Place Aoba International Lounge
Capacity 40 persons (first come basis)
Childcare service is available for children from 2 to 6 years old.
Fee 500 yen
Application Call Aoba International Lounge
If you need childcare service, please apply.
300 yen per child
Inquiry Aoba International Lounge
TEL: 045-989-5266 FAX: 045-982-0701