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AOBA Information: April 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
You can also listen to the Aoba Information. (Click here for details.)

Announcement and Recruiting

Invitation to join Koen Aigo Kai

  • What is Koen Aigo Kai (Friends of the Park)?

There are 230 parks in Aoba Ward. These parks are valuable community properties.
The members of Koen Aigo Kai voluntarily clean and water parks so that community residents can use the parks comfortably.
Koen Aigo Kai started in 1961 in Yokohama and celebrates its 52nd year in 2013,this year.
The members from nearby Jichi kai (community association) also take care of parks. They clean the parks, make flowerbeds, pull weeds, and water flowers and trees.
Aoba Public Works Office supports Koen Aigo Kai in several ways by supplying garbage bags and brooms, renting grass cutters, and providing training by experts on how to make flowerbeds and trim low trees.

  • Members are wanted. Please join us.

Koen Aigo Kai needs more members who love parks and greenery.
Well maintained parks make our towns better places to live by making parks more beautiful and comfortable.
There are many Koen Aigo Kai and each group has its own activities such as summer festivals, Donto Yaki (Ceremony of burning Shimekazari), and gatherings to enjoy roasting and eating sweet potatoes.
When you see people taking care of the park, please talk to them.
Joining a group with your children or grandchildren would be fun.
The Public Works Office can introduce you to a Koen Aigo Kai near you.

You can also see information about parks in Aoba Ward and Koen Aigo Kai on the Aoba Ward Office Home page.
URL: http://translate-zht.city.yokohama.lg.jp/aoba/00life/16doboku/aigokai/

Inquiries Aoba Public Works Office

Information from Community Centers

Announcement from Yamoto Park.

May 5 is Children's Day.
Now that your children are grown up, do you have used carp streamers in your home?
Please donate them to our event so everyone can enjoy them.

We will exhibit collected carp streamers at Yamoto Park.
* Please note that donated carp streamers will not be returned.
Date Donations accepted from April 15 (Mon) to 26(Fri.)
Carp streamer exhibition from April 27 (Sat) to May 12 (Sun)
Place Yamoto Park, 31-10 Shimo Yamoto Cho
Application Not necessary
Please go directly to the park.
Inquiries Yamoto Park Administrative Office


Lunch time Mini-Concert at Aoba Music Square

Commemorating`TICAD V'in June in Yokohama,some events will be held in Aoba ward and this concert is one of them.

You will enjoy some African music at Lunch time Mini-concert.

* TICAD V: the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development

Date April 17(Wed)From 12:15 to 12:45
Place Aoba Ward Office 1 st floor. Residents'Hall,Free of charge.
Details Flute Ensemble
Musician Flute Ensemble'LaLa'
Number "Morning Mood"of Peer Gynt Suites composed by Grieg
Inquiries Culture and Community Section
TEL:045-978-2295 FAX:045-978-2413


Composting Workshop using EM (Effective Microorganisms).

Composting Workshop using EM (Effective Microorganisms).
Nearly 40%of the garbage being disposed of as`burnable'is raw household garbage.
With one more easy step, you can reduce this garbage and make it into fertilizer and sterile water.

Date May 23(Thru.),June 26(Wed)From 10:00 am to noon
Place Ward Office 4th Floor Room 406
Limit 25 people per workshop
Aoba ward residents who can make use of compost at home
Details Composting Workshop using Effective Microorganisms
Effective Microorganisms will be provided and the container for EM will be loaned free of charge after the workshop.
* EM are microorganisms: lactic bacterium and yeast which live together.
They are safe and good for the environment
How to Apply Please send a return postcard with the following information.
Title of the Event, with your postal code, address, name, telephone number, and the date of the workshop you want to attend
Please send to:
31-4 Ichigao-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, 225-0024
Recycling Promotion Division Aoba Ward Office
Deadline: April 25 (Thur)
If there are more than 25 applicants, participants will be determined by lottery.
Inquiries Resources Reuse Promotion Section

`Let's learn about Space at Tama Plaza'hosted by Kokugakuin University

`Let's learn about Space at Tama Plaza'hosted by Kokugakuin University
Enjoy a science experiment together with your family!

Date This course includes five classes,
They will be held on May 26, June 23, July 21, September 29,
October 20 (Sundays)
Place Tama-plaza Campus of Kokugakuin University
Limit 50 pairs of 1st or 2nd grade of Elementary School students and their parents or guardians, who can attend all five classes
             Application Please call, fax or e-mail the following information to Kokugakuin University Faculty of Human Development by April 23.
Required information:
Name of the event,parent's or guardian's name,postal code,address,
phone/fax number,e-mail address,child's name with furigana,
elementary school's name and child's grade.
*When applicants exceed the limit, a lottery will be held.
*For details, please see the website below;
Inquiries Kokugakuin University Faculty of Human Development
Tel:045- 904-7719 Fax:045-904-7714
e-mail: uchu@kokugakuin.ac.jp

`Would you like to learn how to take better pictures?

`Would you like to learn how to take better pictures?Let's learn how to take even better pictures with your own camera!!'
hosted by Yokohama College of Art and Design

Date June 23 , Sunday 9:30am-3:30pm
Place Yokohama College of Art and Design
Limit 20 people
Application Please send a post card or fax with the following information:
Name of the event, your name, zip code, address and phone number
Deadline:May 31
Address: 〒227-0033 1204 Kamoshida-cho,Aoba-ku
Yokohama College of Art and Design Lifetime of Learning Center
* When applicants exceed the limit, a lottery will be held.
Inquiries Yokohama College of Art and Design Lifelong Learning Center
Tel:045-963-4105 Fax:045-961-7371
e-mail: aoba6@yokohama-art.ac.jp