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AOBA Information: June 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
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June is Environment Month

June is Environment Month

As the summer season approaches, electric power consumption increases.
Let's start an eco-friendly life now!
ECO stands for Ecology and Economy.

What is an eco-friendly life?
It is a lifestyle which protects the environment and saves money.
CO2 is one of the main causes of global warming.
Let's work together to reduce CO2 emissions!

Start today, do what you can. Even little changes can make a big difference!

In the house
  • Air conditioner
    Set the temperature at 28 degrees, this reduces CO2 emissions by 10.6 kg,
    and saves 680 yen a year.
  • TV set
    Dim the brightness of your TV screen, this reduces CO2 emissions by 9.5 kg ,
    and saves 600 yen a year.
  • Shower
    Turn off the shower when you are not using it.
  • Refrigerator Close the refrigerator door quickly.
    Do not leave the refrigerator door open any longer than necessary.
When going out
  • Use public transportation as much as possible.

If all families in Aoba ward try the above, We could reduce CO2 emissions by 2470 tons a year.
It would take a forest the size of 48 Nissan Stadiums to absorb this amount of C02.
Your cooperation is the Key!

Let's learn about Eco-friendly lifestyle.
Date June 22 (Sat) from 10am to 3 pm
Place Tamaplaza Festival Court
Contents 1. Let's learn about natural energy.
2. Exhibition of HEMS (Home Energy Management System)
3. Exhibition of eco-friendly equipment such as a solar cooker.
Inquiries Planning and Adjustment Section   Tel; 045-978-2216

Announcement and Recruiting

Exhibition about pests in and around the house.

We will have panel exhibition about vermin in and around the house.
–A panel exhibition about pests and nuisance animals will be held at the Ward Office.
Examples of various kinds of wasps and protective clothing will be exhibited.
a special protective clothing worn by exterminators
Date July 1 (Mon.) -5(Fri)
Place Ward Office 1st floor, Kumin Hall
Inquiries General Sanitation Div. at FAX 045-978-2423
When you find a wasp's nest
Wasps are most active from spring to autumn.
Many people are troubled by wasps and contact us for information about wasps during these seasons every year.

Wasps are beneficial insects which eat pests on trees and grasses. However, when we approach too close to their nests, they attack us to protect themselves. It is dangerous to surprise them by making loud noises or bother them by hitting their nest. Try not to excite them.

Yellow jackets (Suzume-bachi) often become more aggressive in autumn. Therefore it is recommended to remove their nests before summer. (in May or June)
Long-legged bees (Ashi naga bachi)
    • Hives are basin-shaped and have many hexagonal holes.
    • Wasps flock together around the holes.
A nest of long-legged bees
Yellow jackets (Suzume bachi)
    • Hives are spherically-shaped with a single hole, and the bees go in and out through the hole.
      The hive often looks like a liquor bottle in May.
    • Most of grown bees stay inside the hive.
Yellow jackets
How to remove the nest:
  • Call professional exterminators.The fees are different depending on the type of wild bees and the location of the hives.
  • For yellow jackets, first consult to Seikatsu Eisei Ka (Health Sanitation Division)
  • For other type of wasps such as bees, contact Seikatsu Eisei Ka (Health Sanitation Division)
When you get stung by a bee:
  • Clean the area around the sting with cool water. See the doctor immediately.

Health Care

Keep your spine aligned ! -Sebone Conditioning

Aligning your spine and practicing correct posture will help reduce backbone pain and shoulder stiffness.
These exercises are done lying on the floor, so people of any age even seniors are welcome.
Date/Time July 6 (Sat) 11:20 a.m.- 12:20 p.m.
Place Aoba Sports Center next to Aoba Ward Office
Limit 40 people 16 years old and older first-come first-served
Fee 600 yen
what to bring loose-fitting clothing, towel, drink
Application Starts June 1 Apply in person at the sports center reception desk
Inquiries Aoba Sports Center Tel:045-974-4225

Information from Community Centers

This summer,let's wear traditional summer fashion,Yukata,and enjoy going out!

We will teach you how to wear Yukata .
Beginners welcome!
Date/Time July 25, Thursday 1:00 p.m. -2:30 p.m.
Place Yamauchi Community Center 3rd floor, Large room (Japanese style)
Limit 10 people Elementary school students and older,
first come first served
Fee 300 yen
Application starts from June 11, 10:00 a.m.
Please come directly to the community center to apply for event
and to pay the fee.
Inquires Yamauchi Community Center
Tel 045-901-8010(Closed Every 3rd Monday)

Ethnic Cooking Class 1 : Thai Food

Let's learn to cook Thai food. Spicy foods are best for a hot summer !
Time July 19 Friday From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Place Utsukusigaoka nishi chiku center
Limit 16 people
Fee 1,200 yen
Application Buy a return postcard ( Ouhuku-hagaki)
Write the following information (Ofuku hagaki)
Event name :Thai Food Cooking Class
your name/address/phone number
Send it to the following address to ensure the arrival by July 10
Utsukushigaoka Nishi chiku Center
3-60-15 Utsukushigaoka-nishi, Aoba-ku postal code 225-0001
If applicants exceed the above limit, a lottery will be held.
(Only Japanese
language acceptable)
Utsukushigaoka Nishi chiku Center
Tel : 045-903-9204

Ethnic Cooking Class 2 : Korean Food

Let's learn to cook Korean food from a native Korean mom.
Time July 9 Tuesday From 9:30 to 12:30 pm
Place Yamauchi Chiku Center
Limit 15 people on first come first serve basis
Fee 1200 yen
Application Apply and pay for the fee at the window of Yamauchi Chiku Center.
Applications will be accepted from June 11 10:00 am.
Inquiries Yamauchi Chiku Center
Tel : 045-901-8010

Self-defense class for women"WEN-Do"

We will learn how to protect ourselves by applying small amount of force in the right way.
Date/Time July 6, Saturday 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m
Place Art Forum Azamino
Limit 20 women over 10 years old, first come first served basis
Fee 1,520yen
What to bring Wear loose-fitting garment. (No skirt or jeans)
You can change your clothes in the locker room.
Application Starts from June 11
Apply by phone or access on the website below

Art Forum Azamino
Tel : 045-910-5700