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AOBA Information: January 2014 English


Let's celebrate 20th anniversary of Aoba Ward!

Let's celebrate 20th anniversary of Aoba Ward!
Aoba Ward becomes 20 years old this year. We will hold the 20th anniversary ceremony in November 2014.
We will have various anniversary events throughout the year. Let's celebrate together.
We have following plans now.
●20th anniversary
memorial DVD
We will make a memorial DVD to show our attractive Aoba Ward.
Please send us pictures and videos of beautiful sceneries and events of your area.
DVD will be presented and broadcasted at the anniversary ceremony in November.
Application Refer to the web page of Aoba Ward for how to apply
Application forms are also available at community centers.
Inquiries Kaigo Hoken Tanto, Long-term care insurance section (Kinen DVD Tanto,
a person in charge of memorial DVD) Tel:045-978-2429
●20th anniversary
memorial pin
We are calling for your donations to help fund the 20th anniversary events.
A 20th anniversary memorial pin will be presented to persons who contribute more than 300 yen.
Put on the pin and let's celebrate together!
Available at The shop on the first floor of the Ward Office Building
Inquiries Koho Sodan Kakari, Public Relation Section Tel:045-978-2221
●Nashika-chan Nashika-chan is the mascot character of Aoba Ward.
We made a full body Nashika-chan costume.
Nashika-chan's figure is designed based on a pear flower,which is the official Aoba Ward flower
You can see me at various events. See you then!
The full body costume
is available for rent
You can use the costume at your events.
Please apply in advance.
Inquiries Koho Sodan Kakari, Public Relation Section Tel:045-978-2221
Full body costume of Nashika-chan

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Safety and Security News

Aoba disaster prevention maps are given to all people when moving in to Aoba Ward.
Some important points are described below.

●Please discuss with your family and decide how to confirm the safety of family members during a disaster.
 You can use the emergency message service"dial 171"to confirm the safety of your family or friends in the disaster area.

Disaster Emergency message dial 171
 ・This is the system to enable you to confirm the situation of the persons in a disaster area from other areas.
  ・You can leave your voice message at the telephone number of the person in the disaster area. ・NTT will announce the start of this service through TV and radio when a disaster happens.
  ・Everyone who knows the telephone number of someone in the disaster area can listen to the recorded message.
 ・How to use dial 171
1.Dial 171
2.Dial 1 when you want to record your message and dial 2 when you want to listen to the recorded message.
3.Dial the telephone number of the person in disaster area starting from the area number.
4.Follow the guidance to leave a message. The maximum length of the voice message is 30 seconds.

●If you need support during a disaster.
 Aoba disaster prevention network(Aoba Ward Support System) for those who need support during a disaster.
 If you have difficulty in escaping from danger or getting necessary information during a disaster, please register with this system. This system will provide you with support in your community.

If you want to be registered on this system, Please apply for the registration directly.
You can apply to your social worker.
If you don't know your social worker,please call 045-978-2433,Unei Kikaku Kakari,dministration Planning Section.

Inquiries Unei Kikaku Kakari(Administration Planning Section) Tel:045-978-2433


Let's ride Eco/Green Energy Study Bus Tour!

Let's ride Eco/Green Energy Study Bus Tour!
We will visit a mega solar power plant and a factory that manufactures food cans and plastic bottles.
Date and time February 20 (Thurs) 8:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Place Aoba Community Space
(An open space between ward office and public hall)
Destination ・Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Mirai-kan(Kawasaki EcoLife Museum for the Future)
・Toyo Seikan, Yokohama Plant
Lunch At"Umi-Hotaru"(a rest area on the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line)
Lunch is not included, please buy your own lunch.
Fee Free
Who can participate 20 Aoba residents
How to apply Send a return postcard with the event name"Bus Tour,"
your address, name, telephone number, and return address

Send to:
Aoba Resources and Waste Collection Office
  2039-1 Ichigao-chou, Aoba-ku, 225-0024
  Tel: 045-975-0025
Dead line:January 31 
We will draw a lots if over 20 applications are received
Notice:2 people can apply with one postcard.
    Children under school-age cannot attend this event.
Inquiries Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau,Aoba Resources and Waste Collection Office

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Health and Welfare

Health Fitness Classes

The classes are organized by volunteer groups in the area.
No application needed. No parking space available.

Name of the group Iki-Iki Club
Contents Stretch, Qigong (Kiko) exercise, Beginner Tai-Chi
Date and time January 22 (Wed) 10:00a.m.-11:45 a.m.
Place Oba Misuzugaoka Community Center
Fee 300 yen
What to bring Indoor Shoes

Name of the group Hustle Aobadai
Contents fitness exercise
Date and time January 20(Mon) and February 3 (Mon)
Place Aobadai Community House
Fee 400 yen (for one day)
What to bring Towel,indoor shoes,drink
Inquiries Health Promotion Section  Tel:045-978-2440

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Disaster Volunteer Center Simulation

Disaster Volunteer Center will train people in a disaster simulation.
  People will have a chance to experience how to register and serve as a volunteer for a disaster.

date/time January 19 (Sun.) 10:00am-noon
place Aoba Public Hall 2nd floor meeting room No.1 & No.2
limit 30 people reservation needed first-come, first-served
what to do simulation to register`disaster volunteers'and to experience serving in an affected area
Fee free
application call at Aoba Social Welfare Council
Tell: 045-972-8836
inquiries Aoba Social Welfare Council
Tell: 045-972-8836

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Information from Community Centers

Oba Misuzugaoka Community Center Festival

Many community center groups will join the festival.
Let's enjoy the fun events!

Time and date February 15 (Sat) 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
February 16(Sun) 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
place Oba Misuzugaoka Community Center 
No parking available
Contents On the 15-Stage presentations: Japanese drums (Opening event),
pounding rice cakes,
On the 16-Stage presentations:Double Dutch(jump rope),a finale by cheerleading and brass band Both days-Presentations by activity groups,clay works and flower arrangements will be displayed
Charity bazaar to support north eastern Japan
Apply Come directly to the Community center
inquiries Oba Misuzugaoka Community Center

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