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Daily Living

When you have difficulties in Japanese

Call Aoba International Lounge! TEL.045-989-5266
- Japanese Classes are offered at the Lounge. Other Japanese classes in the area can also be introduced through the Lounge.
- Interpreting or translating services are available. (Note: official documents translation excluded)

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When you get sick

- Bring along your health insurance card when visiting hospitals or clinics. Have a family doctor near your house.
- Call the following centers when you get sick during the night or when other clinics are closed due to holidays.

  • Northern Yokohama Night-time Emergency Medical Center  TEL.045-911-0088
    (Yokohama-shi Hokubu Yakan Kyubyo Senta)
  • Yokohama Dental Health and Medical Center  TEL.045-201-7737
    (Yokohama-shi Shika Hoken Iryo Senta)
  • Aoba Holiday Emergency Clinic  TEL.045-973-2707

- Call 119 when you need an ambulance because of acute sickness or serious injury.

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Health Insurance and Long-term Care Insurance (Kenko Hoken / Kaigo Hoken)

Insurance and Pension Division TEL.045-978-2335

Health insurance is designed to reduce the burden of medical treatment costs through a cooperative system of paying premiums. Basically those who are planning to live in Japan more than three months and complete resident registration must enroll in a health insurance plan.
Health insurance systems are divided into two: "employee health insurance" for company employees and "national health insurance" (Kokumin Kenko Hoken) for everyone else in the country.

If you enroll in health insurance :
- You will pay 30% of the total cost of treatment when seeing a doctor.
- When a member has a baby, a lump-sum payment will be given after the birth.(application necessary)
- When a member dies, benefits will be paid for funeral expenses.(application necessary )

A payment slip for national health insurance will be sent from the ward office. Payment should be made at a bank, post office or convenience store. Payment for the employee health insurance should be deducted automatically from your salary every month. Under the Long-term Care Insurance System the elderly and their families are supported. (Ask Health Insurance and Annuity Division for more details)

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Pension Plan (Nenkin)

Insurance and Pension Division TEL.045-978-2331

Pension plans are a kind of insurance system to ensure livelihood after retirement or with disabilities. Everyone residing in Japan from the ages of 20 to 59 must join a pension plan. The public pension plan consists of the National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) and Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin) for company employees. Foreign residents who have paid for more than six months are entitled to receive the lump sum refund within two years of leaving Japan.

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Neighborhood Associations (Jichi-kai / Chonai-kai)

Regional Activities Section TEL.045-978-2291

To join the neighborhood association is the best way to make your life in Japan more comfortable. This is a voluntary organization of area residents. As a member, you will get information about the garbage disposal procedures, crime prevention activities, disaster drills, social events and notification from the city / ward office through the circulated notices (Kairanban) that are passed from house to house.

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How to Put Out Garbage

Aoba Office, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau TEL.045-975-0025
Resources Reuse Section TEL.045-978-2299

Garbage is separated by 15 categories in okohamaCity. The collection schedule and sites vary by area of your residence. Some of the garbage will be charged for disposal.To dispose of electric appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, laundry machines, tvs and clothes dryers, you need to ask appliance stores to collect them. Pamphlets about the disposal procedures are available in easy Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Portuguese at the ward office and Aoba Waste Collection Office, Resources & Wastes Recycling Bureau.

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Housing / Moving

About housing, call the Kanagawa Housing Support for Foreign Residents (Kanagawa Gaikokujin Sumai Support Center TEL.045-228-1752) Consultations in various languages are available about the introduction of real estate agents who will help foreign residents find housing or dispatch of interpreters to solve problems with your landlord. Free of charge.