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Archives of past radiocasting programs

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is radiocasted in five languages on the FM radio station - FM salus.
The Multilingual Radiocasting is being done with the help of the Aoba International Lounge.
You can download the past programs and listen to them anytime.
You need to install Media Player to listen.

2015 backnumber

2014 backnumber

Month of radiocasting Articles of each radiocasting program
( 5-minute program)
2014.12(5.9MB)  (1)High alert against crimes at year-end and New Year starts.(PDF:75KB)
(2)The next topic is about Japanese classes provided by the Aoba International Lounge.(PDF:53KB)
 2014.11(5.9MB) (1)Please be careful of Norovirus!(PDF:74KB)
(2)Enjoy Aoba Kumin Day,The Aoba Ward Residents'Day,at Kodomonokuni Park(PDF:31KB)
 2014.10(5.9MB)  (1)20th Anniversary EventsAoba Kumin Matsuri (Aoba Ward Festival)(PDF:10KB)
(2)20th anniversary event Concerts(PDF:53KB)
(1)Prepare emergency goods for disaster(PDF:11KB)
(2)Art & Craft Festival, Jike-Kairo(PDF:10KB)
(1)Would you like to run in the Aoba Community Marathon ?(PDF:53KB)
(2)Tuberculosis Prevention (PDF:12KB)
(1)Please be careful of heat stroke!!(PDF:7KB)
(2)Let's start eco-friendly activities!(PDF:8KB)
(1)This is an announcement about support for parents who are raising young children(PDF:77KB)
(2)The next announcement is special event. (PDF:53KB)
(1)This is an announcement from Aoba Public Health and Welfare Center.
How old is your child?
If your child is 4 months, or 18 months, or 3 years old, please be sure to take
advantage of the free medical checkup for infants and toddlers.
This medical checkup for infants is provided by the Aoba Public Health and
Welfare Center.
You will receive a notice in the mail when your child becomes eligible for this
medical checkup. (PDF 8KB)

(2)This is an announcement from Aoba Public Works Office.
As it gets closer to summer season, you can see many caterpillars on the trees an
d shrubs in the park and on the roadside.
Did you know some of them are poisonous and dangerous to touch.
The Tussock moth caterpillars are especially dangerous.
They infest camellia plants from May and their poisonous hairs cause swelling and rash.(PDF 7KB)
(1) We have been holding"Weekend Play Rooms"(Do-nichi Hiroba)since March last
year in cooperation with five private companies. (PDF 8KB)

(2) Please be aware of crows.Crow's breeding season is from the middle of March to June.
(PDF 27KB)
(1) Yokohama City regulations prohibits littering, including cigarette butts and all garbage.

(2) This is information for Aoba Ward Office visitors.
(1) Aoba Ward town information - about parks and street trees

(2) Aoba Citizen's Activity Support Center
(1) The year 2014 is the 20th anniversary of Aoba Ward.

(2) Are you prepared for a disaster?

2013 backnumber

Month of radiocasting Articles of each radiocasting program
( 5-minute program)
(1) The number of thefts increases in December and during the New Year's holidays.
(2) The next topic is about trash deposit and recycling deposit drop box.
(1) November is also Child abuse prevention month.
(2) Nationwide"Autumn Fire Prevention Week"is from November 9 Saturday to November 15 Friday.
(1) Aoba Ward Festival 2013 and Health Promotion Festival
(2) Ni Tai Dai (Nippon Sports Science University) Synchronized walking performance
(1) September is cancer control month.Do you have regular cancer screenings?
(2) Today I would like to tell you about Aoba no Kaze–A Yokohama Regional Non-profit organization providing activities for people who have become disabled.
(1) We are working hard to reduce the amount of garbage produced in Aoba Ward.
(2) Have you heard of the"O-re O-re Sagi"scam?It is a telephone scam where you receive a call
(1) The revised Aoba Disaster Prevention Plan was released in June
(2) A hot and humid Japanese summer has arrived.
The summer is also the most dangerous season for food poisoning.
(1) June is Environment Month
(2) How to remove a wasp's nest
(1) May the 31 st is World No Tobacco Day.
(2) The Hanging dolls Exhibition will be held until May the 31st.
(1) Invitation to join Koen Aigo Kai
(2) This is an announcement from Yamoto Park
(1) Cherry blossom season is coming soon. Many spring events will be held in Aoba Ward.
(2) Rabies shots for your Pet
(1) This month's topic is about Local Care Plaza, in Japanese "Chiiki kea Plaza".
(2) Yokohama City offers low-cost lung cancer screening.
(1) January the 17th is Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Day.
(2) Today's topics are about two events held at the Aoba International Lounge, A Morning Coffee and an Afternoon Tea.


The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is radiocasted in five languages on the FM radio station - FM salus.
The radio program is "Ao-value Radio - Multilingual Radiocasting"

Radiocasting Airtime Schedule

FM salus 84.1 MHz (5-minute program)
Monday to Friday: 6:50 p.m.


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